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thinking of a master post

January 18, 2006

I’m ruminating on the Sympathy for Lady Vengeance flick, and I’m thinking I may need a second viewing before writing about it, or at least clearing off my desk and clearing out my head a little bit before committing to post. I did like it as much as the talented Mr Ridley suggested I might, and certainly don’t think the Park love fest is over like Rothkopf believes. If it is, I’m calling bullshit. It will be interesting to see what he does next now that this revenge trilogy thing is done. I would think that if the next film is more revenge, the fest will be on it’s last legs.

One thing that’s interesting about Sympathy for Lady Vengeance is the similarity to Kill Bill (one, but important) after Park called QT a “great thief.” In a short interview with Park he didn’t seem to be all that impressed with the auteur to whom he is most often compared (reflexively).

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