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We’re playin’ baaa-sket-baahhhhllll

January 26, 2006

After about a three month layoff, I returned to ye old work out routine in earnest. However, yesterday, I wasn’t feeling it, though I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. For a change of pace I grabbed a rock and headed to the basketball court. After being there for awhile, some dude showed up and challenged me to some one on one. I was a little winded, but I agreed. To make a long one short, I got waxed by some 5’6” dude. The problem was, though I was leading most of the game, I just got tired, played some ole’ defense, and lost. I really, REALLY, need to get in shape. I’ve got a plan now, let’s see if I can stick to it. My soccer playing weight is probably a pipe dream (180 lbs), lets see if I can get down to the football playing weight (205 lbs).

Speaking of playing weight, let us look at the recent Tarheels basketball performances. We’ve been pretty sad. Freshman Tyler Hansborough has been asked to lug his comrades through some tough games, and it is apparently wearing on him, despite a 26 point performance against Boston College last night. Wes Miller gives spotty support with pretty good outside shooting (over 60% from 3 pt range). The rest of the team has just not been up to the task. It’s telling that we’re starting two former non-scholarship players (though one of them, Miller, is doing well). Coach Williams just doesn’t have the talent to compete in the conference this year. If his sideline antics mean any thing, they tell us that his players aren’t executing his game plan either, which means that not only do they not have the firepower, they don’t have the mental acuity either. I am not looking forward to the Duke game.

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