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Apathy of Demigodz, JC Smooth

February 6, 2006

Briefly, listening to Apathy’s debut, Eastern Philosphy. It’s nice. Hype should build for this cat slowly. If he gets compared to Eminem and Aesop Rock, it’s partially because he’s white, partially because some critics don’t have any other reference points, and maybe just a little of it is his own fault. The record is probably too “underground” to become a big hit, however I imagine a lot of back packers and what not will be picking this up. Will probably edit this later to add more.

Also reviewing a local R&B singer for print, with the unfortunate name of JC Smooth. That sounds like a corny 80’s rapper in a polyester two button double breasted suit and no shirt (or socks, and Bally shoes of course). The kid is not bad, though, at least as good as say Bobby Valentino. Thing is, the world needs another Bobby Valentino like I need a hole in the head. Or something.

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