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Right Still Wrong

February 14, 2006

Michelle Malkin rightly condemns the recent comments of Lithium poster girl Ann Coulter. At a recent hard right fundraiser, Coulter referred to Muslims as “Ragheads.” Malkin could have gone to bed straining herself patting herself on the back for her righteousness. However, she had to take an opportunity to blast liberals, hollowing the sincerity of her admonishments. Apparently, liberals have some house cleaning of their own to do, she claims the left is no better than Coulter. Apparently Malkin’s got hundreds of Emails from so called liberals hurling odious racial epithets at her, and then points out how liberals hate conservatives of color by pointing to cartoon parodies of Secretary Rice, Secretary Powell, and Lt Governor Steele.
In light of the ascendance of Lynn Swann, NFL Hall of Famer as the GOP’s version of Obama, it would seem that conservatives are winning games played with the race card*. After all, aren’t the Republicans placing people of color in cabinet/high ranking senate positions at a faster rate than the Democrats? Are the Republicans finally making inroads into the stranglehold the Democrats have on African-American voters? No, not really. For every one Swanny you’ve got 1,000 not so rich and famous African-Americans who wouldn’t come near voting Republican even if Oprah decided to go GOP. The pervading view of the party has, and likely always will be, is that the GOP is the party of “them” and not “us.” Bottom line is that, like Che’ said, you can’t start a revolution from the top down (If only Bush II had listened). Placing a few coloureds at the top of your pyramid scheme isn’t going to convince anyone of your sincerity. Making an easy call and condemning a dimwit like Coulter is what one expects of you, of anyone. Malkin lists all the GOP commentators that have gone online or in print to admonish Coulter. What’s most glaring to me is that the list is so short.
*I completely abhor the phrase “playing the race card.” It’s meaningless shorthand that never manages to address issues, only dismiss them.

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  1. James R Yates permalink
    April 23, 2009 10:44 pm

    there is no honesty in polotics just poeple on large horses with clubs that really work for someone else

  2. James R Yates permalink
    April 23, 2009 10:45 pm

    there is no honesty in polotics just poeple on large horses with clubs that really work for someone else keep the people in line

  3. Rod permalink
    September 1, 2009 11:11 pm

    There is no honesty in politics because we the people have allowed it. We the people have voted these criminals and thugs into office. Now we have a liberal Democrat congress and president that is turning our nation into a socialist, communist country. —-2010 VOTE- THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE- THINK ABOUT WHO YOU ARE VOTEING FOR. – VOTE.

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