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Throw ya guns in the air, and wave em like you aren’t really concerned with the outcome!

February 16, 2006

As I was preparing for my lunch time work out, I caught a glance at a CNN story about how the Dick Cheney shooting incident is being played for laughs on the Internet and TV. I was struck by a moment of sympathy for both men. How would I feel if I accidentally shot my best friend in the face? Like shooting myself in the face, that’s how. I thought, kids, we’ve had our fun and games, now lets pack up our Elmer Fudd caps and go home. Leave the old dudes to their anguish, and let the Vice President get back to running the country before Bush really gets us in trouble. Besides, why would anyone want to fuck wit a nigga who shot his great friend in the grill? That’s hard core gangsta. He could send his boys to our homes, tap our telephones, and . . . oh . . . yeah.

Later, I saw this. Check it out and look at the replies. Whiny Republicans complaining about the media! The media is blowing it out of proportion! The media shot Harry Whittington! The media ate my children! The “media” is reporting a story with the kind of breathless histrionics you lot have come to demand, the same kind of piranha like fervor with which it covers White House controversies ALL THE TIME.

Moreover, the White House invited the kind of scrutiny it’s receiving over the issue by withholding key information about the incident. They weren’t waiting for relatives to be notified, they were huddled together, trying to figure out how it would play, setting up the Faux News exclusive, handling the issue just as they would any other POLITICAL controversy. Cheney may not have brought the jokes on himself. He made a horrible mistake. However, part of the blame for the media frenzy lies within the White House, and probably the VP himself.  

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