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Sports wrap – Heels, Duke, and the Titans draft dillema

March 2, 2006

The Heels crushed UVa last night, avenging the loss in a close game earlier in the season. The domination was the latest in a string of authoritative wins, which bodes well for the Heels as they enter into the tournaments. The kids have matured, the upperclassmen decided to play like grown men (finally), and Williams, making a strong case for coach of the year honors, continues to prove a masterful motivator.

Down in Tallahassee, the Seminoles shocked everyone by holding on against Duke for the upset win. That should boost the Heels confidence as they enter into Cameron for the regular season’s last showdown. In all likelihood the two teams will meet some time in the post season, however all we really care about is Saturday night. Though our lads are playing confidently now, going into Cameron can turn the hardest men into wee girls.

Can I mention how much I cannot stand Mike Patrick? His pro-Duke bias has been so obvious over the years it’s ridiculous. However since J.J. Reddick has become a media darling, he’s just beside himself. You could hear the air rush out of his lungs when Duke lost. He wanted to go home and hug his pillow. Whenever Reddick does anything, Patrick howls like a banshee. “REDDICK, GOING TO TIE HIS SHOE! OH MY, LOOK AT THE WAY HE TIES THAT KNOT, WHAT A SENSATIONAL BASKETBALL PLAYER THIS KID IS! UNBELIEVABLE!” He’s been hyperbolic over Duke players in the past, this year he’s over the rails.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, people are actually DEBATING whether or not the Titans should draft Vince Young with their first pick. They figure Leinart will be gone already (don’t be so sure). Who are fans suggesting instead of the QB on the #1 team in the nation last year? Jay Cutler. Yeah, that guy, the guy who could barely complete a pass against Middle Tennessee State University. Cutler is actually a decent QB, and will likely play in the NFL for someone, maybe even start after a year. There aren’t a whole lot of top QBs in the draft so he’ll be a late first round pick. However . . . . he is not Vince Young, I don’t care how low Young scored on the Wonderlic (I scored a 49 if you’re counting). Stupid. The Wonderlic score may indicate many things, though I don’t think it impacts defense reading abilities much. That kind of thing, like most things in football, is learned through repetition in practice. It helps if you have the cognitive skills in place already, however you have to LEARN to recognize a defense through study. I think it’s Leinart/Cutler fans who are spreading the rumors about Young’s near mentally handicapped score on the test. Time will tell.

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