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Weekend in sports

March 6, 2006

Argh. So, I was just taking a few shots in the Downtown YMCA gym, warming up for some pick-up ball when one of my (many) errant shots came flying back at me from the rim, dislodging the pinky tip from the joint, leaving me with an “S” shaped finger. I snapped it back in and kept on playing (only able to hit layups for the rest of the day).

My Tarheels fared much better, defeating the slimeballs from Durham. The Heels really look good going into the ACC tournament, and if they keep on this route they’ll go fairly deep into the NCAA tourney. Reddick disappeared into the vapors in the second half, clanking long range threes off the iron from every side of the court. I could not have been more pleased. With the Heels now ranked #10, a good showing in the ACC tournament should yield a #2 seed, a lock if they win the tournament. No one, absolutely no one thought the kids would be in this position pre-season. BTW, apologies for dogging Bobby Frasor all year, he stepped up this weekend.

Duke, as a team, better step up. Heels fans know Reddick can’t do it by himself, despite what everyone else in sports believes. If he fades and Sheldon Williams is sitting with four fouls, someone has to be a man.

The Tarheel women dominated the ACC tournament. I don’t know anyone who can defeat them, not even the resurgent Lady Vols, who have overcome losing two starters and spotty shooting by Shanna Zolman to win the SEC tournament. I don’t know if they deserve a number one seed in the NCAA like Coach Summit believes. It’s hard to make that case with five losses. It wont matter that much as they should advance to the final 8 with little trouble, that is if they play up to their potential.

The NFL’s failure to reach an agreement gives me little pause. They’ll probably reach an agreement soon enough, and if they don’t, teams have a chance to step back and make adjustment to come in under the cap.

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