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Record Review: Murray’s Revenge

April 5, 2006

Murs and 9th Wonder
Murray’s Revenge (Record Collection)

Murs hooks up with 9th Wonder for a record that sounds a whole lot like Little Brother’s latest, The Minstrel Show. There’s even a Joe Scudder guest shot. One could call Murray’s Revenge Murs 3:17. It’s an entirely serviceable chill out rap record. 9th Wonder’s predilection string music and R&B samples and early 90’s West Coast beats give the record a hazy, weeded out ambiance, which the track “L.A.” exemplifies. Murs spits clever phrases about love (“Love and Affection”), racial identity (“Dark Skinned White Girls”), and sneakers (“Barbershop”). The team works best on “Yesterday & Today” and “L.A.”

With the exception of “Lovin” It,” Little Brother’s works have been middling records. 9th Wonder and Murs work together so well, perhaps each should abandon their respective teams and form a permanent bond.


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