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Fun with the Aryan Nation!

May 19, 2006

My man Chris Wage got linked to by Stormfront, of all sites, and with great trepidation I followed that link to some inconsequential rantings of the type of racists almost everyone hates. Then out of train wreck curiosity, I perused the site more and found this discussion on how the “media” (that’s me!) brainwashes white girls. The commentary here is priceless. I don’t think I have ever seen a greater collection of the proof of the decline of education in America than I have seen here. Perhaps it dovetails nicely with AC’s thoughts on prison rape . . .

This guy believes in himself to a fault:

I've spent most of my youth missing out on opportunities to develop relationships with beautiful white girls, and I blame my above average intelligence.

Oh, it’s probably that you keep having skid marks on your white sheet. However, he does seem to think he has areas where he needs work.

But if I treat women like crap and make use of status symbols, I might become more competitive.

So, any woman seeing a fat guy in a pointy white hood driving an Escalade and wearing an Iceberg sweater . . . RUN!

Well . . . er . . . uh . . .

The message to white girls is simple: "Black guys are studs. White guys are losers."

I wonder if the programming he watches is part of some Gannett organization? 😉

But lets be honest here…. is it really accurate to have Mr.Blacky appearing as a main character in EVERY SHOW on T.V.? When in some neighborhoods in the U.S. theres only just a very few number of African-Americans. This is a conspiracy to me…I await an all-Aryan Heaven

And, who is this Mr. Blacky? Does he mean Mr. Belvedere?

Of course, ultimately, the fault is THE JEWS:

Yes, the add agencies are certainly heavily Jewish, maybe even more than most media companies. Ever notice how many hooked noses the actors have? And a lot of Jewish actors are selected out for not looking Jewish. . . . Hopefully the Jews are starting to ridicule white women (why for??) and then we can start pointing out to the gals how the've been doing it to us guys for years.

Finally, one member thought this article was important to the story. Apparently, you all, listening to the jungle dance music, have been lowered to the level of the nigra:

“When so-called rap and hip-hop began to be marketed to White adolescents in the early 1990s, Heather thought it was "cute." She imagined that she saw a harmless rebelliousness and innovation in her daughters' generation — a reflection of her own generation's rebellion. She let Lauren and Diana watch all the "cool" TV shows with Black heroes and miscegenating stars, she let them "groove" to MTV videos glorifying non-Whites and racial mixing, and when many of the "boys" who started to become interested in them as they grew up turned out to be Black, well — she showed how "good" she was by "accepting" them as no different from White boys, by treating them as "equals" and as legitimate suitors for Lauren and Diana's affections.”


Even Japanophiles and American otaku aren’t immune to the pull of white supremacism (something I’ve known for some time, actually). Check out this post from “Aryan Ballerina:”

Later, she claims:

“Well, my shoes are made in Japan, ha! I guess it shouldn't be that big of a deal, I'm more of a National Socialist anyways, the Japanese of course aren't a problem in my book.”

The rationalizations she must go through on a daily basis just to keep up her interest in the spikey haired, androgynous, male Japanese pop singer and her love for all things Nazi. Or maybe she thinks it’s 1941.

And another rocket scientist posts:

“Some east asians are obsessed with work. Some (if not all japanese) will not date outside there race.”

Ahem. Sorry. Asians: The other white meat.

Yes, why not! Because the asians like japanese, koreans and chinese do have a high average IQ about 103. Compared with our 100 in IQ scale for the average white there should be no problem with mixing in limited scale with them. . . .

Unlike many White Nationalists, I can accept Oriental/White mixing in small numbers.

This dude is hilarious. He is ASIAN.
I'll be Frank i am Asian.. (looks like no more trolling around on these boards no more oh well..) however I've been browsing SF for a while now.. and have learnt quite alot about the Jews..

With his other comments he was reluctantly accepted by the Stormfront types. However, segregation is as segregation does. The moderator replied in part:

However, you have to stay in General Rants from now on. Forum rules.


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  1. Shame The Devils permalink
    August 11, 2008 5:49 pm

    All I can say is wow. What a shame. lol.

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