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Happy Birthday Dear Gandalf, Happy Birthday to meeeeee

June 5, 2006

HAHA! Tomorrow’s my birthday! I turn . . . OLD. It is a milestone, though I will be celebrating most likely by watching TV or something. However, if you want to make a dork happy, here are some birthday present suggestions:

Adidas originals old school Japan soccer team jersey. Number 7 or 10.

Matching track jacket would be nice . . .

Okay, don’t want to spend dollars on Nip-pon? How about this snazzy retro Netherlands world cup t?

Of course, Tar Heels Represent!

Wow, this DVD box set of Japanese classic films looks damn good. Maybe you can get one for yourself, too! That is, if you have a region free DVD player. I’m pretty happy with mine, however, I could always use a new player . . . especially if someone got me a new TV!

Okay, those are pipe dreams, mostly. Not even Santy Claus brought me a new TV. But I will need something to eat in front of my plain old tiny little miserable flat tube. I like popcorn. I really like caramel corn even though my dentist made me swear off it. Maybe this kettle corn would be a good substitute? Or really, ANY kettle corn that is not from Pop Secret or Orville Reddenbloogledongle. Anything you don’t have to microwave.

I tend to get music free. So CDs are kinda out, unless you have a pipeline to Japan and can shuttle me over, oh, this, or this, or maybe that. Ooh, or this! However, I do need a place to keep my 500 plus and growing collection, not to mention all the DVDs I have. Somehow a huge box of VHS cassettes got lost when I moved a couple of years ago.

Actually, the best birthday present would be for someone to come over to my place and empty all the boxes in my new apartment . . . . talk about a pipe dream . . .

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