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Teriyaki Boyz, again, briefly, plus stop with the snark already.

June 19, 2006

I noticed hits from people searching for Teriyaki Boyz and "pitchfork," and laughed to myself, knowing what I would see when I followed where the search would take me. Would you expect anything other than a reductive rehash of the "stealing our music" meme from any review of rap music out of Japan (or anywhere else outside of the states) from your average reviewer (note I didn't say critic)? Trust your boy on this one, most people ain't gonna get the joke with the Boyz because they assume Japanese MCs don't know enough about rap to make one.

With that . . . .

I've said this elsewhere, but now for a few more to see, I've about had it with snark. It has spread too far. Turn off the fucking David Spade show and sit down and actually interact intellectually with your subject, whether it is Britney Spears or David Byrne. Back in 1982 when David Letterman was inventing snark, it was fresh, rebellious, and aimed at the right people, like the President of his network. Now, people are running around with half loaded shotguns firing rounds at ants. Britney Spears the popstar is arguably a well sought out target; Mrs Federline the mother is not. I'm all for being a smart ass about, oh, let's take someone I like . . . Hilary Clinton. Taking cheap swings at some low level school board member is lame. And cowardly. That is, unless they do something like convince a known easy target for corruption to support their candidacy for the position and weasel their way onto a seat on the board. Then again, that wasn't snark. See, I made a statement, argued a position (by inference I suppose). I wasn't being dismissive.

A long time Letterman devote, I had made snark, much to the chagrin of those who profess to care about me, a way of life. A couple of years ago, I started to give it up, tamp it down. I wont weed it out all together as it can be a relatively amusing tool in a debate if used on occasion. However, it seems like these days, that's the only weapon some people have. It's getting played out.

Shit, y'all must like something.

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