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His timid admission

June 23, 2006

In a fit of delayed brilliance, AC at Volunteer Voters figures out that race actually matters! Who, tell me, who would have thought that race would be a factor in Harold Ford, Jr.’s bid to win a seat in the US Senate. WHO? What is — well, expected, quite frankly — is that he demurs in giving the hate that cannot be named a name. Kid, it is racism you’re talking about. Why he thought it was important that people know that he does not think it is a “good thing or a bad thing” I do not know. Afraid Mark Rose will stop writing you love letters?

Is it sooo painful to acknowledge that people may consider an immutable characteristic a factor in whether one is fit to hold office, judging by the color of one’s skin rather than their ability to turn a legendary pull quote into a cliché?


Yes, apparently for some.

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