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And the Orangje

June 25, 2006

Hang your heads in shame. Yes, the Portuguese side held on admirably, however, you really should have won this one. You were two goals better at least. van Niestelrooy watched from the side the entire match. Granted, he has not been the man he was two campaigns ago with Manchester. Was he hurt? Did he say something bad about van Basten's mother? If you have a weapon loaded, one thinks you would fire. Your strikers were exhausted, and more importantly, missing the goal.

Then, Marco, your boys resorted to the LONG BALL (oh how I hate the long ball) with a man advantage. With only 19 men on the pitch, one would think there would be plenty of space to run at people, especially with Portugal sending three or four men after the ball.

Bring back Rikyaard. Shit, give me Guillit.

That said, congrats to the Portuguese side who worked hard to hold the lead despite losing two players. Also, Figo is a thug. I never knew.

PS. ABC/ESPN broadcasters, shut up about Beckham. Have people not seen Roberto Carlos take a free kick before?

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