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Ann Coulter answers question half-right, doubling her previous score.

July 11, 2006

Coulter published an interview she did with the NY Post that was canned for a story on Paris Hilton . . . she addresses the her feelings about Muslims and slides into a sematic conflict with her interviewer:

NY POST: You speak in the book of “Muslims’ predilection for violence,” accepting it as a given. But many would argue that many Muslims, in this country and others, lead average, everyday lives, and denounce violence. How is painting all Muslims as violent any different than looking at the Crusades, or at any of the Christian extremist groups around today, and saying, “All Christians are murderers?”

A: Quite obviously, referring to “Muslims’ predilection for violence” is not the same as saying, “All Christians are murderers.” It would be the same if I had said, “All Muslims are murderers.” You didn’t do too well on the analogies section of the SATs, did you?

No, Ann, it isn’t the same. However, the comments are actually analogous. Both statements are stupid ass stereotypes, both are verifiably false.

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