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are you elitist?

July 14, 2006

I’m supposed to be writing articles. I’m supposed to be working on leftovers from the day job. I’m supposed to be cleaning the kitchen. I should have eaten dinner three hours ago. Should be editing the inagural podcast. What am I doing? PS2, of course. And surfing. Fuck it, I need some downtime after the last three months. The last year.

I posted at my other spot, Pith in the Wind, about the use of the term “elitist” as a invective, something I’ve noticed a lot lately, something I think that has filtered down from the chat show class to the blogger class (yes, I said down, hierarchies are hierarchies). It’s the new “politically correct,” and seems no longer only aimed at liberals or TV smartypants like Hitchens. So I’ve been following the comments on the debate, and for fucks sake it looks like high school all over again, mates. Ya ask me, the really cool kids are not getting all bothered by the damn thing.

What’s funny is I was formulating the post about elitism before the whole conflict got started.

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