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down down down

August 1, 2006

The apartment complex where I used to live is trying to cheat me out of the security deposit. The manager (and aparently, the management group’s lawyer) does not understand the concept of a lease addendum . . . and APARTMENT MANAGER who cannot grasp the concept of a lease addendum. For f***’s sake. It’s so silly that they are wasting our time and risking losing three times the amount I paid when they could just go ahead and admit a mistake and get it over with.

Well, no point in being demure, the place is The Lexington out in Bellevue. No one should rent there under the current management. They are just not paying attention to what is going on with the tenants, else they’d have been on top of the situation. For what we paid a month, they should do better. Much better.

Anyway, so the idea of having to file a law suit stresses me out (hey, not all lawyers are litigious), which gets me down. Though it isn’t Xmas, this video tends to cheer me up a bit. I commend it to all on those down down days.


Or if you REALLY wanted to cheer me up, help me find a place that sells old school Japanese baseball jerseys like this one.

or buy me a ticket to Tokyo. 😀

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