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Really early late voting

August 3, 2006

Hmm, looks like I’ve solved the NiT feed problem. All I have to do is post anything relevant to Nashville between 9pm and 2am. heh

Saw Senator Henry this morning at the Exxon station in his district. He’s as spritely as ever. It is fun to call the legislators by their title, senator or representative — “Hello, Senator.” They are used to being anonymous to most people, and I know it’s been oh, a decade since I had frequent contact with them so I know the dreads completely confuse them. Then they have to pretend to recall who you are. Clement is notoriously bad with that, relying on aides to remind him who people are. People presume that Purcell is not good at that kind of retail politics stuff but actually he is . . . now.

I’m not particularly pumped about this election day exercise. All the fun is happening in Memphis. However I don’t know about the kinds of lines at the polls I may face in my new district. Hmm, better take a little extra time off to fully ensure that I may participate fully in our democracy.

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