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Voting, but pissed

August 3, 2006

Attention my party:

You trawl the neighborhoods of people of color a few weeks before voting.
So called progressives get hacked off when people of color support candidates of color instead of the white candidate in the primary with little or no history in the community.
You forget where the original Willie Horton ad came from.
You think stuff like this is satire. Why you all continue to give people like Malkin ammunition is beyond me.

You dangerously flirt with destroying a bond built on 40 years of sweat and blood and pursuit of a true democracy with this kind of shit. And apparently you think you are above it all. You need to get a grip. Florida didn’t lose the election for Gore. A sizeable number of voters not turning out in Memphis lost the election (he lost Tennessee, if you recall).

Your comrade,
The Dork

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