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Down Goes Lieberman! Down Goes Lieberman!

August 8, 2006

Projections have Ned up ahead, and Leiberman will carry his hubris ahead into the general election as an Independant (if he can resist the hundreds of phone calls he will be recieving from Democrats encouraging him NOT to run). I never liked him, and was aghast when Gore chose him as a running mate (I’m dead curious to know how many who have been calling for his head of late were singing his praises back in 2000). I will not be sorry to see him go.

Let us on the left not make too much of this. I know there will be much ringing of the bells as if we were a pack of Hunchbacks and this was Notre Dame. Sancturary? Perhaps, but not yet. The victory begs a lot of questions.

Will Ned be able to resist the clarion call of “civility” within the Senate chamber? Will he remain the progressive some have championed him as?

What does this mean for the blogging left? How much credit do we (?) truly deserve? Have many candidates actually benefitted from this kind of support or was there something else at play in CT?

Clearly now Iraq is a poison pen issue for candidates. With everyone running away from Bush like he has a rash on his lips, how can one really capitalize on it with so many Democrats on the record as supporting it?

Will people give some respect to Maxine Waters (D CA) now, or will people continue to dismiss her as an identity politics queen?

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