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Guess I gotta answer my own Lieberman questions.

August 9, 2006

Will Ned Lamont remain the progressive he’s been championed as by the activists?

Yes and no. One, it will be impossible in the Senate to have a voting record that’s going to satisfy all the progressives all the time. Even Paul Simon and Russ Feingold have to compromise once in awhile. However, Lamont did claim to get involved in politics to encourage support for a universal health care plan. He does have a committment in spirit to the left wing.

How much support does the blogging left deserve for this win? If you ask them, a lot. If you ask me, they just brought a lot of free media for Lamont. The MSM picked up on the story of the Lamont race in part because the blogging left became part of the story. However, where else has the blogging left made an impact? They got behind Rosalind Kurita and voiciferously opposed Harold Ford Jr. But Kurita dropped out of the race long before the primary election day. Maybe if Kurita had, like Lamont, a personal fortune and a top political machine, she might have been able to fight on.

The real fight was not going on in cyberspace but in the trenches where anyone knows elections are really won. It’s so easy to ponitificate from your chair and then continue to sit there and read The Boondocks. The actual work is done in getting people into the voting booth (or now the touch screen voting center X-5000). The blogging left did their part, but they didn’t carry the day.

Will people start to give Waters respect? No. Most bloggers are too drunk on the victory to realize the effect of having people like Waters, other Congressional Black Caucus members, and other left wing Representatives bring in their street teams to help get out the vote for Lamont.

Finally, let’s give Little Lord Lieberman the credit he deserves. Though I suppose he deserves some respect for sticking to his guns, he also deserves this loss. He’s been a voiciferous supporter of the “stay the course in Iraq” position when anyone who isn’t drooling on their own shirt can see is folly. He certainly isn’t the only Democrat who was supporting the war in the outset, however, he is the only one to pull a Brokeback with George Bush.

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