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He’s almost psychic

August 10, 2006

Just yesterday I was discussing the upcoming midterm elections with my best friend “Verb.” When I wondered how he thought Republicans were going to use the Iraq War issue to their advantage with public opinion squarely against it and Bush’s favorability ratings in the toilet, he responded, “9/11.”

I thought, well, I guess it’s possible.

Then, whadda ya know? 21 plus arrests in London and the alert level skyrockets. No baby formula on international flights unless you can find someone to taste it (it really isn’t that bad, so when some harried looking parents ask you to taste it in front of the security guards, don’t give them a funny look, drink up!).

I suppose some Democrats called Republicans (and Chris Hitchens) insane for suggesting that Clinton’s strikes against targets during the Lewinsky controversy were curiously well timed. I wasn’t one of them. One can argue that Bush and his intelligence team and the M5 have a little less cachet with the public now, however, for conistency’s sake, if that one was solid, so was this one. And if you thought Clinton’s military action was suspect then, so is this latest mass arrest.

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