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Cultural Appropriation Type of Post

August 13, 2006

Cultural appropriation, everybody’s doing it! There’s a certain topic that’s being bandied about, flying under the blogosphere radar, I’m sure many of you are unaware of it, what with Bush cursing and missiles flying and some celebrity is flashing their underwear or getting married or something. Yet it’s a hot topic among bloggers of color (I think there’s a new acronym in there, BOC). What exactly is this cultural appropriation thing you ask? It’s basically another name for acculturation, you know, when one culture adopts some meme, artifact, item, form, style, etc, from another culture, except in the context of the Small World Order, identity politics and multiculturalism, it’s thought by some to be a negative, to be “stealing” especially when that cultural meme is exploited for the gain of a dominant culture.

I’m not setting out to write a “pro” or “con” piece or align myself with a group or ideology (if you must prejudge, look around, see who I’ve pissed off or not and then you see where I stand, perhaps). Just that I have some thoughts and questions on a topic I’ve been thinking about and asking about for a long time.

If you’d like to see who in the blog world is saying what a search is a good place to start. However, there are a few interesting posts that may serve as primers.

Tons of people are linking to Granny these days (who is apparently ill sorry to say).

White Dreads are dead to this guy.

This is a white woman who felt it necessary to cut her locs.

hmm, this is taking much much longer than I thought (and I’d thought it would take a while). So here we go, several parts to follow.

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