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Gov. George Allen’s (R- VA) monkey business

August 15, 2006

Gov. Allen was considered to be the front runner for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination. I think that status is in danger after yesterday.

At one of his campaign rallies, he made some rather . . . unfortunate . . . comments to a Democrat of East Indian descent who had inflitrated the event.

It was not a one time slip up. Allen has had to face similar issues before, and has survived politically. I think part of the reason is because his father, former Washington Redskins (!!) coach George Allen Sr is a god in Virginia. Apparently, the rest of Virginia has been fine with Allen’s foot in mouth disease and opposition to the MLK holiday.

A VA centrist lists a littany of problems.
The New Republic has Allen’s old story.
Wonkette sneers.
However, AC thinks Allen is a “viable candidate” for President. Still.

George Sr should have sent his boy to hang out with Jack Kemp, perhaps, instead of Nixon.

Blackprof has interesting thoughts to media attention heaped on sensationalist race relations issues like this, when other potentially more damaging, but less “sexy” stories are skipped.

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