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August 17, 2006

This blog is the #4 fastest growing blog. No idea why . . .

I haven’t worked out in weeks. Today I decided to remedy that in a fun way by taking a short trip down to the batting cages. I left my good bats with an intern years ago, so I had to whack away at a 70 mph fastball with a slender headed softball bat. It was like swinging a sword. I did alright considering my age and the bat and the fact that batting helmets and dreadlocks are a poor match.

My body reminded me of how you hit the ball with your entire body, moreso your legs and hips (and wrists) than your arms and shoulders. I could feel it after I was finished, in my calves, the tightness and soreness in my back. I shall pay dearly tomorrow morning.

That I was feeling it at all probably meant my mechanics were way off. When everything works right, it feels good, no pain. It’s all physics; the energy of the ball gives and transfers what little it has left into your bat and up your arms and down your legs and you know how far that ball will travel. That’s one reason why a defensive player on the football field loves a good hit. You absorb all that energy. It’s like an instant high, a jolt of miliseconds of endorphins.

The human body is amazing.

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