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Thanks Guys, Great Job on that Foreign Policy Thing

August 19, 2006

A new fundamentalist wall is being built in the Middle East. A few posts ago, I noted that many foreign policy experts and journalists envisioned Hezbollah standing atop the rubble in Lebanon after a cease fire. Now look at it. Hezbollah, with it’s organizational funding spitting out cash like a busted ATM, has set about the task of rebuilding the crushed homes and dreams of the Lebanese citizens while the Lebanese government begs for government cheese. The UN is still trying to mobilize an international force in the southern region of the country, and the Bush administration, never missing an opportunity to make an enemy when it could make a friend, sits on its ass trying to figure out what went wrong (hint: Icarus).

Iran, Iraq, and soon Lebanon fall out of the 21st century into the backwater of fundamentalist rule (Saudi Arabia, while secular, is still under an even more backwards monarchy. At least the citizens of the other nations decided on their government). And who do we have to thank for it?

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  1. Chris D. Vighagen permalink
    August 27, 2006 6:11 pm

    I’d just like to point your atention to Quatar, a small penisula whit a huge amount of natural gas resources. The Shejik ruleing the country is the most liberal arab in the the arab ruling world.

    His wife is a minster, women are allowed to drive, go to school and university, they also gave about 100 Miljon dollars in hurriccane relife to universities in in Louisiana afte Katrina hit the area.

    The sheik also started the (by arabic standards mind you) very outspoken and controversial Al Jeezera satelite channel. After BBC had terminated their middle east version of BBC the sheik basicly hired the whole old BBC crew and got them to found the channel.

    They also happen to have one of the most effective judges agains Al Quadia members, he isnt just a Judge, he’s a Mullah too. He has the highest success rate in converting alquaidians into law abiding prisoners…

    CBS 60 min did a very interesting pice on the country a while back.


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