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August 20, 2006

You may notice the addition of flickr down to your left there. I noticed that it seems blogger doesn’t like the fact that pictures stored there are viewed here from a wordpress site, so the links to pictures were all blank last time I looked. So I’ve been uploading shots via flickr, and I’ve always got some storage space from my ISP. Still, I don’t think 45mb will be enough. I suppose it is about time I pay for some server space.

Been doing some deep cleaning around the apartment, so I’m pretty beat. Took time out to have pizza and watch a couple films (which I may well post about if I can collect my thoughts on them. Ah, no one really cares about my obscure thoughts on obscure ferr’n films ). Promised my parents to mow their yard this weekend. They still believe I am a 15 year old kid spending the weekend watching TV, and can just jump up and run when they call me to do something. I mean shit of course we owe you guys, you parents, every thing, however, we are moving on with our lives, we have jobs and little dorks of our own, planes to catch and bills to pay, etc.

My father’s favorite song was the god awful “Cats in the Cradle.” He would play that scratched up old 45 in between his Ramsey Lewis and Barry White records, and tell me the meaning of the lyrics, and he envisioned his future as being that father in the song, whose son grew up to be “just like” him, with planes to catch and bills to pay. In some ways, he got that self-fulfilling prophecy, yet he doesn’t seem to realize it.

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