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It is NOT TV. It is HBO. Or so they would have you believe . . .

August 28, 2006

Wolcott turns his well stocked verbal armory on HBO’s Entourage in an excellent piece today. If the show didn’t allow me to get a 7 minute fix of Jeremy Piven’s rapid fire, show biz patois each week I would never EVER watch this half hour stupidity. It’s like watching a video version of Maxim magazine, and I think if the show spawns clones (which it may, now that it has reached some kind of pop culture notoriety) you can use this term to describe the clones; “Lad show.” Adrian Grenier, the dull, guy’s guy with zero personality is the perfect stand-in for the show’s producer Mark Wahlberg, who reportedly based the series on his life as a young Hollywood stud/model/”actor.” Back to the Maxim metaphor – Grenier poses with a starlet; Grenier poses in front of a sports car. Grenier shows off the latest smart phone. Readers of Dork Nation might wonder if the Entourage writers are squeezing in Dork Nation page hits in between Maxim wanks. The last episode foray into sneaker fetish featured a fictional shoe designer named “Fukajama,” (big eye roll) which is an obvious nod to Nigo, the BAPE designer. As further proof, the shoe featured several extras clad in BAPE gear. Go get a late pass. STEP!

Anyway, I hear Piven won some kind of award last night. But that’s only part of the reason I like the guy.

I disagree with the aspersions Wolcott cast on Deadwood. Last night was the final episode ever, as it’s been cancelled. Wolcott (and Robert Duvall) thinks the acting on the show stinks. I’d say that there have been some standout performances; Ian McShane, Robin Weigert, Cleo King and Brad Douriff were all brilliant.

I’ve only caught bits and pieces of Spike Lee’s When the Levee Breaks. I suppose it is a documentary in that it serves as a videographic historical document, capturing the testimony of all people involved, from Nagin to the people on the ground. I’m confident in arguing that no new rocks are turned over here, however. Lee adheres rather faithfully to the script running during the disaster; Brown is a moron, the New Orleans and Louisiana governments fell down on the job, Bush doesn’t care about Black people. This doesn’t make the work irrelevant, far from it. It just seems to me that Spike could have brought something more to the dance than just pointing and shooting and editing. However, I did catch a Mars Blackmon moment where Spike interviewed some turned-up collar polo shirt wearing guy (in Vuarnets, ta boot). The guy said he came back to NO carrying several shotguns. Spike asked,”Yo, were you looking for Bin Laden?”

Who loves Louis C.K.? Holla! Who had no idea who Dane Cook was before his “reality show?” Holla!

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