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August 29, 2006

Last week Glen Reynolds posted a piece on “You Tube politics,” trying to play catch up to the MSM’s way too eager bandwaggon jump in the aftermath of the Sen. George Allen and Tramm Hudson incidents. The less said about the wack ass bandwaggoneering the better.* What struck me about the piece was the venerable professor’s refusal to call . . . a spade a spade. He dryly calls the Allen incident a “clean ‘guerrilla politics’ hit” and bemoans the fate of poor Hudson, who he felt got a cheap shot (why, because some of Hudson’s best friends are black, of course). However, he’s pretty clear on Andrew Young’s mid-80’s identity politics hit on Jewish and Korean store owners, having no problem calling Young’s statement racist. Insta-mistake?

Young’s statements, however foolish, are rooted in the complexities of micro-economics running headlong into a community’s desire for self-determination. Young clearly has a command of the latter, not so hot on the former. Professor, there was a reason why we thought you were fair. Guess I was fooled twice. Shame on me.

*Reynolds is worried that faked videos could unfairly end many political careers. Hmm. I’ve got the raw donkey footage from Clerks II, and this video of Jim Bryson . . . .

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