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A dream for some, a nightmare to others! (not too many others, though)

August 31, 2006

Another reason for me to lament not being able to attend the Toronto International Film Festival this year. The fest will give premier to a film that is sure to have the hard right pundits foaming at the mouth, ready to eat babies and launch yet another jihad on the film industry. The film is called DOAP (Death of a President) and imagines what would happen if a lone gunman assasinated President Bush. The fake documentary, made in the UK, imagines a Syrian man wrongly accused of the act.

Now, it sounds dead interesting on its face, easy recipient of phrases like “thought provoking” and “shocking,” though one could see how easy it is to flub such an incendiary concept.

I have a supsicion that the cats at Downing Street have already screened the film, guffawing and throwing popcorn, then muffling laughter while Blair has to take a call from Bush.

Note: This will air on British TV in October, so it’s likely you’ll be able to download it somewhere soon after.

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