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Ah another year another season of suckage

September 3, 2006

The Heels fell to Rutgers in their season opener. That makes 6 first game losses out of the last 8 years. The 21 to 16 loss was attributable to an overmatched defensive line, pure and simple. Yes, a TD was recalled, there were a couple of key turnovers (as there always are with a loss). Still, Some unheard of back ran for over 200 yards against us. Pitiful for the school that has turned out the likes of Lawrence Taylor, Julius Peppers, and David Thornton. Rutgers is a mid-level D-1 team trying to establish themselves as a powerhouse, though realizing they don’t really have the wherewithall in their coiffures or conference to do so. UNC, on the other hand, is a big time school in a big time conference. Don’t give me that “basketball school” nonsense, either. If Michican can field two programs with a history of success, there’s no reason why UNC cannot. Yet it seems that when we are on the verge of establishing a pattern of success, something happens, like Mack Brown getting frustrated and heading for Texas, where he now sports a couple of rings.

Well, back to this week’s game. In the past, a Carolina defense would have kept us in a game like this, and a boring, mistake prone offense would have only had to score a couple of touchdowns to eek out a win. Though we did get a couple of QB sacks early, we were unable to stop their ground game, which as any dilletante fan knows means the passing lanes open up wider than a Memphis legislator’s hands at the bribery table. (Did I say that? Sorry buds, y’all know I’m just frustrated at the Heels’ loss)

Things happened yesterday that happen to a team with a loser’s attitude. Recievers don’t run routes completely. Guys try to arm tackle big backs. A loser’s attitude is the one constant the teams from the last 12 or so years have in common. That’s something that has to change. We cannot play Miami and FSU to a standstill every year and lose to the scrubs. If you can’t come ready to play every down every game, how can you hope to fulfill your NFL dreams, kid?

I don’t get it.

Still, the Heels will probably make a bowl game this year despite their tough schedule. Losing this game makes it a bit tougher. If we don’t go to a bowl game, say goodbye to John Bunting.

Closer to home (not closer to my heart) the Vols “shocked” 9th ranked Cal with a big win at home. I didn’t see the game, only the highlights on ESPN. The commenters were besides themselves over an “improved” Ainge. Come on, the guy threw some 5 yard outs, the Cal secondary tackled like lil’ b******, and the UT recievers ran 50 yards. It’s ridiculous. Manning was the only really great QB the Vols have had in the last couple of decades. The other guys threw for a million yards a season because they had world class sprinters running routes for them. As for Cal’s number 9 ranking, I suppose one can say it wasn’t deserved, I don’t know. With the exception of USC and old school UCLA teams, no West Coast teams have any defense to speak of. It isn’t surprising that UT was able to score. It is surprsing that Cal wasn’t.

Vanderbilt. Joke. Again.

Tennessee State University is on my radar football wise because last year they got a new head coach, James Webster. His alma mater, North Carolina. He’s got the tough job of trying to return TSU to some past glory that is pretty much impossible considering that the kind athletes they got during the John Merritt era are now taking scholarships to Div-1A schools. However, Webster seems to be turning the tides a bit. The team had a costly turnover late in the game when it appeared as if they were certain to tie the game at 27.

Another UNC alum is coaching in Tennessee. Antonio Goss is a position coach at Middle Tennessee State. Goss is a contemporary of mine, who used to make fun of me (as most of the other guys did) for always having my Walkman headphones on as I trudged across campus, seemingly oblivious to everyone else. I pay zero attention to Middle, however they’ve got a good guy in Goss who got a raw deal when he was at UNC during the Dick Krum years. He proved Krum wrong by becoming a key cog in the San Fransisco 49’rs team in the 90’s. I’ll be checking that box score this year. So let’s check . . . 7 to 6? What’s that, baseball?

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