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Before You Accuse Me

September 5, 2006

Hello progressive brothers and sisters in the struggle,

Last month during the Democratic primary, a few of you lot gave me a bit of a time about what was happening in Memphis politics and the race for the 9th District Congressional seat and the Ford/Kurita Senate primary. There was a lot of finger pointing going on about how it was soooo wrong for Black voters to only vote for Black candidates and such and that it was wrong and just plain racist.

Now, these figures from an article in the Commercial Appeal:

                                       Steve Cohen Nikki Tinker Joe Ford Jr. Ed Stanton Julian Bolton
Predominantly white precincts 81.58% 5.53% 1.26% 5.29% 2.07%
Predominantly black precincts 17.56% 28.11% 18.81% 8.72% 12.87%

See a pattern? Oh, sure I hear the deafening roar of “WE SIMPLY VOTED FOR THE BEST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE.” So, the Black people in Memphis didn’t? They are just automatons marching to the drum of whatever person can “play the race card?” Can’t make a rational decision on their own? Like children? Sound familiar, kids?*

Maybe this is why progressives can’t make inroads into these communities, why they need a guide with a flashlight and a map around October.

You need a new approach. Cohen was sounding a bit whiny when asking that African American voters should “share” power with White progressives. If he wants to share power, the next Constitutional amendment he should push for should be something allowing Proportional Representation. I don’t know when that statement was made, so I don’t know at what point during the campaign it was made. If anytime after the primary, he should have known better, because it appears as if he did a pretty fine job all by his lonesome. All he needed was a little solidarity.

Yes, I know, it says “predominantly white” and not “all white” so there could have been some crossover, but look at the numbers folks.

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  1. November 8, 2008 4:54 am

    This is the first time that WordPress’s ‘Possibly related posts (automatically generated)’ has made the tiniest bit of sense to me. The numbers don’t lie, evidently. I hope you all enjoy your new set-up.

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