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Dingo ate my post

September 6, 2006

This crap would have been much cooler with the Scanners’ reference (for Ridley and Sarcastro) and smooth transitions. The wordpress rich text editor seems to have cocked up my first attempt and I had to delete it. So . . .

  1. I am refraining from commenting on the pictures of Tomkat’s baby Suri. Others have commented she looks “Asian.” I can see that, however it is probably either that a) It is animatronic b) alien c) both. Okay, I just broke my own rule about commenting (in public) on other people’s kids.
  2. I’ve gotten one of my “I’m tired of talking about race on the web” headaches. I would be less likely to get them if during these discussions some people didn’t think that every comment by a POC is a personal attack.
  3. Stormfront appears to be very excited about the Survivor race war. Shock. Though to be fair those dudes are apparently much more interested in the increasing racial integration of Japan. The Aryan types’ facination with “orientals” facinates me. They seem to envision that Asian-Americans come from a magical, homogeneous world. They also find Asians close enough to white to make for suitable maiting partners should some catastrophe befall the world.
  4. I’m giving myself another headache.
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  1. September 7, 2006 7:10 am

    I’ll suck your brain dry!


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