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The Season of Suckage: Week 2

September 9, 2006

Go Heels. I had to run to the office this morning and ended up missing most of the first half of the Tarheels loss to Virginia Tech. That was a blessing. Still I bore witness to the wackness of our offense. Our quarterback situation is dire. Joe Daily and Cam Sexton split time at the position and putting both of them together yields a third of a brain and half a quarterback. Though they cannot read defenses (or the playbook?) they can put two and two together as they gave up four interceptions. There’s your loss right there.

The defense was somewhat improved over last weekend. Oh, the front four were still getting pushed around like a wet sled, however the linebackers seemed to play better, assisting the sieve like defensive line in holding VT to about 120 yards. Tech’s got QB issues of their own, so they weren’t throwing the ball enough to either test our secondary or cause the Heels to think about anything other than run stopping.

Bunting spouted coaching platitudes during the post game interviews (Our bad, coaching fault, guys not prepared). And yes, in some instances that’s true. There could certainly be more improvement in coaching these untalented quarterbacks to play within their limitations and READ DEFENSES. His liability for the game is tempered by the noodle strong arms of the lineman. However, having those fatties get pushed around by a line that averages 280 pounds? That’s his fault, too. There’s a strength issue, a stamina issue, that’s coaching, not just weak players (especially considering how well thought of many of the recent UNC recruiting classes have been).

The AD now has to start thinking about what he will do with Bunting should the season continue to go this way. A bowl appearance is now extremely unlikely barring a miracle upset (with Troy and the Air Force Academy unable to pull it off this week, doesn’t look good for us) later in the season. That makes another (three? four?) losing season. We fall further behind in recruiting (and more importantly to the AD, donations to Rams Club). Start thinking of your top ten choices now, and make moves to get the best available coach. Staying within the Carolina family is okay . . .

The most inexcusable moment came when Cam Sexton, with his team down by a manageable deficit, on a 3rd and 11 ran for 9 yards and slid two yards in front of the first down marker. That’s a punk move. The tennis team starts practice in the winter, why don’t you return to athletics in the spring semester.

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