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To Boldly Split Infinitives Like No Other Famous Quote Has Done Before

September 9, 2006

There’s a reason why this is called Dork Nation.

This night is the 40th Anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series. I am enough of a Trek geek to have seen all the movies and every episode of TOS, The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine multiple times. I have no problem admitting that I have a favorite Captain (Sisko. Hope you aren’t surprised). As a kid, I owned three replica Star Trek uniform shirts (command taupe and engineering red were cotton, science blue was a velour model with rank rings on the cuffs). My dorkness runs that deep.

Before I discovered athletic ability = dates, I was an unrepentant A.P. nerd. As such I participated in an after school program in jr. high. In that program, we were given the opportunity to create a public service announcement for the local public television station. I took on the task of coming up with the idea, script, and SFX. My idea? “Energy Trek.” We boldly conserved energy like no one had conserved before. Though I prefered Spock, I was given the role of Kirk (it was the belly). As I sat in the captain’s chair, I started to flub my lines. No one noticed, instead I was praised. Why? They thought I was doing Shatner’s infamous “pause acting.”

There are no copies of this commerical in existence.

Trek love may have subjected me to a wee bit of ridicule, however, it did help my literacy, my interest in writing and science. Live long and prosper, bitches.

P.S. I had all those action figures, too.

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