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Season of suckage week 3

September 17, 2006

UNC 45 Furman 42 

Not much to say from my perspective, we don’t have ESPN U, and rather than hit up a bar I was out with the fam. When I checked the score on my keitai, I was not exactly shocked to find Furman up on the Heels by a few points with just over nine minutes left in the 4th. Nor was I relieved to find the Heels regaining the lead soon after. When your team cannot hold a Div 1-AA to under three touchdowns, you know there is a problem.

The box scores reveal an unstoppable Furman offense (571 total yards). Sexton cut down on his interceptions, which is a good thing. I still think he has a throwing motion that may need some work. Yes, I know Vince Young and Doug Flutie did okay with their wacky throwing styles. Sexton ain’t a Heisman candidate. Not yet (not ever). Well, it’s a win over a team we should have beaten, so I shouldn’t complain too much. I hope that this can propell our lads into a not too embarassing season, we could break even with a couple of upsets, which considering our schedule may be too much to ask.

Furman recruited me out of high school. Uninteresting aside. They were the only school left still interested after my senior year. lol. Not really . . . but . . . . I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I’d taken the bait. I don’t know of many left wing psuedo intellectual rap fans who come out of Furman.

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