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So much easier

September 18, 2006

to be productive when I had this computer in a private room. Can’t seem to find the time to properly record my voice overs for the podcast. In lieu of that, I can do something I used to do a couple of years ago, post quick hits from my mailbox.

Good stuff: Alice Smith. I don’t know a whole lot about this singer, however, she has a great voice and a fantastic debut record. Maybe by the second or third listen it will sound forced and too “indie,” and there are several similarly styled artists out there right now (Corinne Bailey Rae has the PR lead in the race for top African-American-ish female singer fronting an indie rock band) so this opinion may change.

Moderately Impressed: Cee-Lo – The Collection. He didn’t get enough praise for his creative portion of the Gnarls Barkley project, and to a degree it is understandable, since for the last two years rock critics have believed that Danger Mouse could walk on water without getting wet. His new disc takes the Gnarls concept and runs with it willy nilly, imbuing it with a little more dirty south bounce and taking off on a Prince sound alike trip (what is it with people getting into Prince’s mid 80’s stuff now? Was it because of The Love Below?). Too many empty carbs on the record, though.

Yawn: Lyfe Jennings – Phoenix. He’s got one of the best and most unique singing voices, however his choice of material is sometimes lacking. That might have worked on his tight debut — fewer songs, less chances to put me to sleep. I recall that when the Nappy Roots first started out, they rapped a lot about their humble beginnings. Appropriately, after they’d “made it,” they rapped about what it was like being a star act. Jennings still has stories to tell I suppose, and I guess being the everyman was his shtick. I preferred it when it wasn’t shtick.

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