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Friday newness a little late

October 2, 2006

Argh, getting tired. So I’ll keep it short.

No movies this weekend. Again.

Quannum hooked me up with some new releases, Honeycut, Pigeon John, and a live record from Lyrics Born. I wrote about Pigeon John last spring, and I’d heard the new record. It’s out now, go get it. Honeycut is . . . euro-trash hipster funk influenced by RPG video game soundtracks.  May end up on the year end top ten. The disc ends with a pretty brilliant condemnation of the war in Iraq.

9th Wonder hooked up with an “underground legend” called Skyzoo. It isn’t as good as the collab with Murs, however it has a certain charm. Skyzoo represents Brooklyn however he kinda sounds like The Game. I see a beef in his future.

Tangentally related techie stuff. Finally, some American cellular service provider has picked up the Sony Ericsson w810i Walkman phone. I am not sure if I want to get this. This is not something I need. However, the dork in me loves the gadgety goodness. It would make complete sense if I lived in a city where the subway train was my lifeline, and I lived an hour away from the work place. Outside of my increasingly infrequent trips to the gym, when do I need a portable music player?

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