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The Titans’s season of suckage

October 2, 2006

With the Tar Heels having a weekend off, I turned my attention towards the equally struggling Titans. Now, I suppose the talk of the day will not be Pacman covering T.O. like a blanket or Young’s typical rookie first start performance, but Haynesworth’s head stomp. From bloggers, I expect the usual outrage, what has gone wrong with our team Fisher sucks he can’t control his thugs blah blah blah. Oh, I can’t forget the laments for how the game used to be played, you know, before integration, when the athletes stepped out of their uniforms into smoking jackets and sat around the parlour discussing Woodrow Wilson’s policies.


Haynesworth was bush league. I don’t know that he has a history of making bush league moves like that. When you are getting your butt kicked on the field, you can’t stop anyone, can’t move the ball, you get frustrated. You want to lash out. You may intentionally bump hard into another player on your way back to the huddle. You might drive your shoulder in just a little harder after a tackle. You might want to talk smack, but you can’t, because on your side of the scoreboard there is a small number, and on the other team’s side there is a big number.

He’ll be fined and suspended. I doubt he needs to hear anymore crap from a bunch of punks who never put on shoulder pads.

Now, to actual sports. Young looks every bit a rookie, unsure of himself, rushed, reacting to pressure when there was none. He has to get used to the speed of the game and realize he isn’t going to out run or out quick everyone at the pro level. His arm looked fine. He isn’t in sync with this receivers quite yet.

The Cowboys just outclassed the Titans at just about every position, especially the secondary, even though Pacman did well on Owens. Their tackling improved . . . somewhat.  The safeties were out of position on occasion, on costly occasions. Perhaps the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator just had the Titan’s defensive scheme sorted out completely.

The Titan’s prospects wont improve until they get a better offensive line and a top receiver.

EDIT: John H., it was too early. I didn’t expect to see him start until much later in the year. I guess Fisher figured there wasn’t much left to lose, so they might as well get him some real game time experience.

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  1. October 2, 2006 1:44 pm

    Does Vince Young’s ‘throwing out of ear’ motion bother you? I realize this is not a new topic, but it seems to me that he really isn’t taking advantage of his height and that his longer passes have a lower trajectory that can be more easily knocked down or intercepted. Is this one of those things where you just leave him alone since this is ‘what he does’?

    How can any quarterback succed with 5 ‘number 3’ receivers?

  2. October 2, 2006 2:46 pm

    His motion doesn’t bother me if it works. He’s faced huge DL’s in college all his career so he’s likely learned to adjust as did Flutie, plus he’s 6’5″ and not 5’9″. He seems to have a clear view of the passing lanes, so I’m not terribly worried about knock downs. I’m curious as to whether that motion would cause him some elbow or shoulder problems in the future though.

    For now you’ll probably see more picks than batted balls.

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