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Season of Suckage week 5

October 9, 2006

Miami 27 Unc 7 

The story continues, anemic offense and tissue paper defense. It figures that the one year Miami is clearly beatable the Heels are clearly unable to beat them. The Miami games in recent years have offered the Heels an opportunity to prove their mettle, and we’ve often given them the toughest game they’ve faced, or outright beat them.

There seemed to be no inspiration to be found this time, and I wonder if some of the upperclassmen haven’t given up already and are starting to think about the NFL combines. Bunting begs to differ, and says the kids “played hard.” Okay. But turnovers, missed assignments, dropped passes, that sounds like a player not focusing on the task.

It gets worse. Hakim Nicks is out for several weeks, perhaps the season. A high ankle sprain is one of the hardest injuries to come back from. It may not sound as bad as a torn ligament, however it is not that far from being one.

So, with no bowl game opportunities looming now for sure, the guys only have pride left. Or do they?

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