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Google Buys Tube Steak, Wipes Mouth With Irrational Exuberance

October 10, 2006

Hmm, 1.65 Billion? I guess it was a good deal for somebody. Is this a tax write off for Google shareholders or something? You Tube was all about the copywrite violation type of posting. Where else could one find old videos from Morris Day and The Time? (Does MTV keep those? I don’t think so) Old clips from B-Rap High School? Where will Psychick find Gorie now? All this stuff will be gone because You Tube will be gone legit. They were already heading that way to avoid the dreaded avalanche of C&D letters, as they made a nice deal with Warners. But nobody wants to sit through a 30 second ad for the next Paris Hilton CD just to watch a 20 second clip from some Warners produced TV show.

Now You Tube, like Google video, will be populated by people sharing videos of their kid playing with the latest Thomas the Tank Engine set and corporate sponsored “sneak peaks” at upcoming TV series (that you could get if you just go to the damn network’s web site). Oh perhaps Yoogle Tube will serve a civic function, like catching George Allen call someone Capflapa or something. We will perhaps be able to see what Stewart or Olbermann said the night before and guffaw until red in the neck. For me, and likely for many, some of the fun will be gone. Yoogle Tube employees will be greater in number, quickly removing vids of questionable content. If Yoogle Tube becomes just another venue for selling us product, we will not watch. We have too little time on our hands to sit through an advert. Or pay. 🙂

That’s where Google’s problem lies. When the hits slow down the ad dollars will stop. Money will be lost. My advice shareholders, sell.

Also, those two insta-multi-millionares gave a big thanks to everyone in the form of this video. Gah. You think money doesn’t buy happiness? Perhaps, but it does apparently buy two shit eating grins.

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