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Wearily we roll along roll along roll along

October 10, 2006

Part of my burn out problem is that there aren’t enough hours in the day. So I’m usually up late pecking away at the keys or trying to decide which cell phone company to leave Cingular for. Also Psychick has a method of putting Little Dork to sleep that severly impedes my ability to sleep through the night (and when it is my turn I always fall asleep before I’ve done what I set out to do for the evening so I end up getting up at 3AM anyway).

And lacking a segue, I will mention that I’m about to finish watching The Wire OnD. Which is a clumsy lede into my weariness of discussing certain subjects on blogs that had me all fired up a week ago. I probably should have left alive my deleted post on the fake Deez poll (still cracks me up when I think about it) beacuse it managed to encapsulate the two subjects of which I speak. I’m so tired of discussing them I’m tired of discussing why I’m tired of it.

Of course, it will only take some chucklehead saying something foolish to get me riled again. Until then, it’s all Mets, all the time. Or The Departed.

Bloody freezing in here.

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