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Season of suckage: not quite so suckarific

November 4, 2006

Though everyone expected a blowout, and in the end they got what they dreamed, the Heels did step up their game a bit. Joe Dailey and Akeem Nicks made strong statements with gritty performances when the Heels were counted out. Minus two key (one ridiculous) penalties, the Heels may have made it close in the end, though they were clearly outgunned.

Just a bit about one of those penalties. Irish QB Brady Quinn was headed out of bounds and took a hit. He was clearly out of bounds. Fine. Then came two phantom personal foul penalties. The ND players were pushing and shoving as well, and there should have been offsetting personal fouls, rather than two personal fouls on the Heels. It was an ACC crew, so you really can’t claim home cooking. However, one of those guys could have been a Dookie.

The Irish exposed the weaknesses in the Tar Heel defense, and game film should prove instructive to the defensive coordinator for next year. Their Quinn and the ND tight end found the seam in the zone defense regularly. Quinn had plenty of time to wait for the LB to reach his 10 yard drop, and the TE just floated in front of the safeties wide open. Going to have to get that strong safety to step up better in deep coverage. In fact, the linebacking crew was rendered ineffective for most of the game. The Irish receivers did pretty much whatever they wanted to all game. When the Heels managed to get pressure on Quinn he didn’t have time to find an open receiver.

Ronnie McGill was the man. He can’t do it behind that offensive line, though. Good luck in the NFL bud.

So, Bunting is out, and like the rumor mill has been saying, it appears as if Butch Davis is going to take the job. Looks like our recruits are going to stick with UNC for now. Davis is likely going to want the kind of leeway he was afforded at Miami in terms of players not making the grades and off field behavior, meaning that the AD and the boosters are going to have to come down of the high horse just a bit. UNC has the facilities a top coach would want, has the financial support a top coach would want, has the fan support (when we are winning) a top coach would want. He’s just going to need to be able to get the players a top coach would want.

My advice to Davis, make friends with Roy Williams.

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  1. November 5, 2006 9:18 am

    Somehow, Davis has the rep for cleaning the Miami program up in terms of hooliganism and general misconduct. The story supposedly is that Coker let the program go all to hell again.

    Or, are you saying that relative to NC, Davis is pretty loose?

  2. November 5, 2006 7:20 pm

    I’m saying that for many schools, infractions that earn a couple game suspension get the Heels players booted off the team. SATs and grades that let you squeak in at some programs wont get you on board with the Heels. It’s easy to do that with 15 or so scholarship BBall players when you get the cream of the cream of the crop. It’s harder to do that with 70 plus football players. It’s one of the reasons some suspect Mack Brown left the school. He was building a winning program, but he didn’t see the school going to beat Bowden every year (even though FSU is having a downturn now).

    Maybe Davis’ idea of how to clean up a program is a little different than the UNC administration’s idea. However, looks like the deal is about done. I’m thinking that big time alum and local business types with mad cash came on and tried to make it happen, rather than the UNC administration and AD saying, “Hmm, we like this Davis guy.” There are plenty of fans who don’t want a UM coach anywhere near our pristine pale blue (you know, that’s where God got the idea for painting the sky 😉 )

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