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Season of suckage: weak

November 13, 2006

I’ve stopped updating the scores on the Heels’ schedule there. I could have just filled in a bunch of L’s and saved myself some trouble. As the season is already considered a wash and fans are starting to imagine a few seasons under Butch Davis and looking towards basketball season, the 2006-07 Tar Heel football season is now only a memory.

The score in this week’s game was something of a shock. It was closer than I expected. I shouldn’t have been shocked, I forgot it was homecoming. Verb was down in Chapel Hill this week and his phone call from main campus reminded me of the last time we played Tech at homecoming. Tech was the #1 team in the country and the game ended in a tie IIRC. I definitely recall storming the field as the kids tore down the goal posts. I don’t think a tie would result in such a response at Notre Dame, but alas such is Tar Heel football.

I managed to catch some of the Titans game against the Ravens. Young just looks better and better every time I see him. Anyone around still wish the Titans had Jay Cutler? Anyone? Bueler? Of course most of the talk was about McNair’s home coming. The game was downplayed, however, it was clear that the Titans unceremonious dumping of the man who carried the team on his shoulders for years still stung. I suppose it was kismet that he walked away with the win. However, he didn’t really prove the Titans’ front office wrong in the decision, only in the execution.

Anyway, back to the suckage. It is now time to talk hoops, with the Tar Heels sporting a #2 national ranking, favored by some to win a national title, and the Nashville product Brandan Wright. The only thing the team lacks is an experienced point guard, however, that hasn’t made that much of a difference. Before we start putting down payments on those tournament tickets, let’s remember that the young stars haven’t proven themselves against ACC level competition. Keep an eye on us, though.

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