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Sorry seems to be the hardest word

November 21, 2006

What a coincidence that I picked last night to watch Letterman’s show for the first time in several months. When I saw Jerry Seinfeld come out, I expected him to address the Krazy Kramer Komedy hour incident. I did not expect to see Michael Richards himself come on and attempt to apologize for his Macaca moment.

Richards didn’t help himself by continually referring to African Americans as “Afro Americans” like a 1970’s text book. That drew a few nervous titters from the crowd, who were already primed to laugh at Richards’ personal quirks. He continued to stammer through a confusing, bumbling apology that appeared at least to be sincere. The act was not what I expected, thinking that he may well find that the best defense is a good offense and blame everyone but himself.

I doubt that the appearance rescued Richards’ faltering career, and I still expect him to do a morning radio show, or at get least a seat in the booth with Howard Stern. Then again, Stern probably has little use, or tolerance, for Richards at this point. Maybe Weenie and the Butt are looking for help.

Oh well, there’s always a place for Richards directing ads for political campaigns in the South.

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