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Season of Suckage: The end is nigh

November 27, 2006

Football fans, sports fans in general, are a funny lot. They’re making untoward comments about your mother on Friday, they’re trying to buy you a beer on Saturday night. They call you a thug one day, then propose that you be elected mayor the next. I understand the impulse, like Janet said (I should call her Miss Jackson I suppose), “What have you done for me lately?” That’s what most tend to care about, even those who call themselves true fans, loyal, and express their zealotry through purchases of season tickets and expensive jerseys are fair weather at best. Ah well, I suppose that’s what is good about sports, the democratic element, you don’t have to be particularly knowledgeable about the game you’re enjoying (even if you think you know a lot).

To wit: The Titan’s victory over the Giants (and hankerchief head in charge Tiki Barber) this past Sunday. Not only was Nashville’s favorite thug Pacman Jones vindicated by his performance, so was Floyd Reese for picking Jones and Vince Young. Young simply willed the team to victory, there’s no other way to observe this. That’s what you want out of your first round picks, people. That’s the ultimate ingredient in being a football player. If the front office can make some moves next year they can build a playoff caliber team around Young.

Meanwhile, in the college game, the Tarheels saved themselves the embarassment of the ignominious defeat by the Duke football team. The Butch Davis era begins now, and the Heels’ new coach introduces himself to alumni via this video.

So, the season of suckage is now over. The Heels season is done, the Titans now no longer suck . . . until their next loss. Stay tuned for Tarheel hoops.


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