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December 13, 2006

Just like everyone else, I’m busy trying to get things done before Xmas.  Shopping not nearly finished . . . in fact, I think I just went into negative numbers in the amount of presents bought. Workin’ late, articles to write . . . shite!

I will never abandon the Cowboys, however I must say I’ve been basking in the I-told-you-so-glow of the Titans’ win last weekend . . . the Titans’ season, even. Oh, and don’t fret for McNair. He’s probably going to the Super Bowl.

Check out the latest issue of XXL magazine next time you’re checking out Street and Smith’s or something in Krogers. You will see my byline.

When Psychick was in the park with Little Dork, she saw two plastic footballs emblazoned with “Harold Ford Jr for Senate.” She thought they looked so sad.

I’ve returned to the gym. It’s been four months since the back injury. I’m still not fully healed, however the exercise is definitely helping the recovery process. I probably should have gone back sooner rather than waiting for 100% improvment.

It is not beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which is fine with me. Here is what I want from Santa anyway:

  • Pay raise
  • Comcast to bring back Sundance West and get rid of FEARnet (the nerve, charging
  • me to watch these movies in 4:3) 
  • The new season of The Wire to start now
  • Another national championship banner hanging from the ceiling of the Dean Dome
  • Every Criterion DVD that has been made (only one copy of each, please, thanks)
  • Did I mention a big pay raise?
  • Okay then, how about a big pay back (wah pedal)?
  • Most of the actors on Battlestar Galactica to develop more than two facial expressions
  • The two hours of my life I gave up watching Stranger than Fiction
  • Diss
  • Dat

  • And da udder
  • Subscription to ScriptShark, DoneDeal, baseline, or the like

Most people are enjoying Xmas music about now. Me, I’m digging on Final Fantasy soundtracks (listening to the sampling going on in some rap records, I’m not the only one I guess). Nearly annually, I’d get an FF game as a present to myself and try to beat the game before the break was up. Subsequently, those songs remind me more of the holidays than just about any other music, except of course, the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack . . . like all other Gen X tools.
Merry New Year!

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