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Who’s number one? heheheh

January 7, 2007

UCLA goes down to Oregon

Duke beaten down by scrubs

Clemson may be undefeated (for now) but they still suck. Also, orange is ugly.

I’m actually hoping that the coaches and sports press will have some kind of mental breakdown and not put the Heels at the top spot on their polls. I don’t want to give Dook something to shoot for, a reason for Coach Rat face to get his team of tall nerds a reason to get excited. In the past, I have not wanted the Heels to go around with a target on their backs. Perhaps this is a new era, and in the Roy Williams decades the Heels will be upset proof. Not bloody likely, eh?

With the steadying of Ty Lawson at the point and Rayshawn Terry finally realizing he doesn’t have to prove anything just because there are a few more superstars on the team this year, plus the emergence of Wayne Ellington as a 3 point threat (the best the Heels have had in a long time) it looks like the final four is a lock this year.

These kids better make the best of their opportunity for a national title this year, because Wright and Hansbrough are probably NBA bound next year (both probably need one more year to bulk up, though).

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