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Ford to the DLC chair? Perhaps not so smart.

January 11, 2007

I heard from a skeptical brotha that Harold Ford Jr. is to be tapped as the next chair of the DLC. The memo presented as evidence at Radar seems legit, though there’s no independent verification, and none coming from Jr or From.

It would appear, should this hold true, that Ford is not considering any near future runs for office in Tennessee. Sure, you make a lot of friends raising money all across the country, however, he doesn’t really need that. He was already able to command large sums from outside the state during his run up to the Senate last year.

If you want to make a good run for a statewide office (say what you will his run was exemplary) you need friends on the ground in the state. One could argue he’s already laid that groundwork. However, as we all know politricks is a what have you done for me lately game. And in two, four, or six years it’s going to appear that Ford has done little lately for Tennessee folks. One would think a shiny new think tank at a local university to act as a place holder, then a short stint as the state campaign chair for the Democratic nominee for President might keep him in the minds of folks in Tennessee.

I suppose, being Don Imus’ favorite Black man (who doesn’t play guitar) and having a national profile before taking the oath in Congress, Ford already had a taste of the national stage and could well be eager for more. Perhaps he’s setting up moves in advance for a possible cabinet position should one of our good Senators (Obama, Clinton, or Edwards) become the next Prez.

I don’t think it’s a move calculated towards taking power at the state level.

Then again, this could all be just wishful thinking on the part of one Al From, whose organization is not held in the highest of esteem at the moment, what with Rahm posing for GQ and Dean remaining invulnerable to the Evil Eye from Carville, and a bunch of bloggers getting more press than From has recieved in the last decade. From needs Ford more than Ford needs From. Ford doesn’t need to convince DLC types that he’s one of them. He doesn’t need to convince people within the party leadership he can raise money. Outside of maintaining some kind of constant presence in a leadership position, I don’t see how this benefits Ford.

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