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Lavin got the last word

January 14, 2007

Unfortunately, my worrying over the Heels ascendance to the #1 spot proved realistic, as the kids lost to Virginia Tech. The Hokies are for real, apparently, after knocking off Duke and UNC. One had to be heartened to see the Heels come back from 22 points down to make it close at the end.

I saw this loss coming within the first three minutes of the game. Even though the Heels broke a big lead early, their play was sloppy and they didn’t seem to be concentrating on defense. A team made mostly of underclassmen who may or may not be beginning to believe their press clippings are easy prey for an upset victory by a team with something to prove.

This loss  may haunt the Heels in the regular season. The conference is always tight, even when there’s a clearly better team among them, and this year should prove no different.

It’s very unlikely that UNC will be less than a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament, so this is no time to be overly concerned. For the freshmen, this is a learning experience . . . . hopefully.

Rayshawn Terry, a man with hopes of making it to the NBA, did not comport himself well last night. He should probably stop worrying about the NBA and just play his guts out. A mid level pick who appears to know his role on a team filled with stars might attract more attention from scouts than a head case.

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