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January 21, 2007

So we can stop wondering. Senator Clinton has announced. Senator Obama has made it (quasi?) official. Senator “I’m not really with the Wolfpack, I’m a Tar Heel, really!” Edwards has never been out.

It appears that Vice President Gore is out until further notice.

Two potential history makers and a man trying to ride Bill Clinton’s coattails. And the 9 ton guerrilla standing on the side.

The upcoming Democratic Presidential primary race is going to be one to make the political junkies jizz.

I really have no favorite. Despite my past, I have always held the Senate and House races have more import (and impact) on the direction of the country (I don’t know that we would have been in Iraq if Bush had to face down a hostile Congress and Senate, for example, and I don’t know that we wouldn’t have been there with a DLC captive President Gore). I’d followed the old Hillary to the ends of the Earth, not so sold on Senator Clinton. Obama, the ink is still wet on his actual policies. Edwards seems to be a fine fellow, and I enjoy seeing his rather disinterested look while he’s watching Tar Heel hoops (was he ever at a football game? Soccer? Baseball? Why not? No cameras :)), he’s done nothing to separate himself from the other candidates. To me.

The most dangerous outcome for the GOP is an Edwards/Obama ticket. I don’t see that they could put up anything that could match that on TV, freakin’ Kennedy (Robert) and MLK is probably the only thing more appealing to a celebrity besotted, desperate for change public.

Still, with Bill Clinton as your campaign manager and chief fundraiser and biggest media draw . . . Sen. Clinton may have the WMD in her Gucci bag.

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  1. January 21, 2007 6:55 pm

    I agree. An Edwards/Obama ticket would be dangerous when it came to MSM … And I sort of dig that although I need to peruse what the hell they stand for at this point more.
    But Clinton (not of the presidency) is an incredible fundraiser. I’m not so hip on her term in the Senate at this point, but I could change my mind.
    So … who’s the right person?
    My mind is not made up by a long shot.
    There in lies the issue.

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